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Mintwear is a new way to use your NFT to create one-of-a-kind hoodies and shirts!

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Available in 7 sizes

Full-Print Hoodie

Available in 7 sizes

Full-Print Shirt

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a collectible if I don't own an NFT?

NFT collectibles can only be redeemed by those who currently own an NFT. The reason for this is that each item is uniquely designed using the registered NFT.

When will I receive my collectible item?

Domestic shipping(USA) takes 1-2 weeks after the design has been approved by you. International shipping can take between 3-8 weeks.

Can I cancel an order / request a refund?

Absolutely! Every order is eligibal for cancelation and a full refund so long as it has not shipped. We don't ship any items until we get your approval on the design!

Will I be able to see the designed item before receiving it?

Yes! We send out a preview of your collectible design within 2-5 days. We encourage and welcome any feedback as this is your one special item!

Can I pay with Crypto?

Soon! For the smoothest experience we've decided to start migrating our store over to shopify where we will integrate with coinbase commerce. As soon as our store is live we will notify everyone!

How are collectible costs calculated?

We work with an ethical manufacturer here in the US who sources textiles from ethical and sustainable partners which is very important to us! Our prices cover domestic and international shipping which runs between $7-$20, as well as import taxes which run between $5-$15. 

Please keep in mind full-print hoodies typically run 200% more than a regular plain hoodie to produce. The same applies to our full-print t-shirts, masks, socks, etc.

Is there a size guide available?

Size guides can be found by visiting the first page of the form here

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